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  • Which areas do you cover?
    We cover the whole of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire. So any town, village or city we cover for both installs and servicing.
  • I am looking at an Intruder Alarm System, Wireless or Wired?"
    Well this is a little complicated and depending on your property. If you own a bungalow and the loft is accessable then we would suggest a wired system, as long as any sensors you require are within the bungalow. If you have an house then our suggestion is wireless! The reason being that getting wires around a house on to different floors can cause many proplems from taking flooring up, capetting issues and others too. The reality is that a house usually is more labour intrensive and the costing is usually higher. We also can provide what is called a hybrid system, this can be both wired and wireless. The benefits of these systems are that they can be installed replacing an older system, as well as adding extra zones should you need them. We offer a free quote and if your not sure which your require, let us come and survey your propertyand discuss whats best for you.
  • Are wireless alarms any good?
    Yes!! The short answer is they work just as well as wired and in many ways better! Wireless systems can usually be installed anywhere and the sensors go where wired ones cannot. We often install wireless systems because a customer wants the shed alarmed or there garages as well as there homes. Wireless allows us to alarm areas when its not practical to run wires. (also between us, we have wireless in our own homes)
  • Will the alarm be able to connect to my phone?
    Yes if you require it, an app is available for all our alarms systems and we can get you connected. On the app you can arm/un-arm, view log history, turn zones on/off and get notifications as activations happen. So if your alarm goes off then you will be notified anywhere.... as long as your phone isnt on silent or turned off ;)
  • Do you service alarms you have not installed?
    Yes of course! We are able to service any alarm system you have installed whether we have fitted on not. This happens often on moving in to a property and not sure of the history. We come out and give the system a good look over, replace batteries if needed, check wiring, check sensors, check the outside bellbox as well as test that the alarm if functioning as it should. Alarm services are £75.00+Vat and depending on the size take roughly 1-2 hours.
  • Can i view my CCTV from anywhere?
    Modern CCTV systems are connected online allowing customers the ability to view there cameras right on the phone or tablet. In fact we fit more systems for customers that only want to view from there online devices than they do on a monitor or tv. To note though that a modern phone or tablet is needed, we suggest one thats not more than 3 years old. You can also view from a laptop or PC if required.
  • How many cameras do I need?
    This is usally down to what you want the cameras to cover! If you just want to monitor your driveway then one is fine, but if you want to view around your property then you will need to consider a minimum of 4. What we suggest is go for the minimum amount you feel covers the areas you want to cover. The main question we feel is relivant is how many cameras you think you may want in future! Recorders come with either 4,8,16,32 channels, there for if you only want 3 cameras now but feel you may want to add to them later, you need to decide on either 4 or 8? If you have 3 and feel you may one day have 5 cameras then 4 channel recorders are not enough.
  • How long do the recorders record for?
    Good question... The answer is usually we aim for the recorders to record 30 days worth day & night. This can be extended with larger hard drives or if you would prefer motion only recording, but to cover all bases we fit a hard drive big enough to record no stop for 30 days.
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