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Wired or Wireless??

So todays question is wired or wireless alarm systems? Our answer is either!

There are pro's and cons to both really but with modern technology either alarm will work for you!

In recent years wireless has become more and more the choice to fit for people, reason being the ease of install and the upgradability. With the ease of install being a major selling point for customers, after all there is less work involved and less up evil to the property the alarm is being installed in. Less drilling and routing of wires and a less permanent solution too. Wireless alarms can be moved, relocated and taken with you if you move. So the benefits a huge! But wireless alarms take more maintaining, every sensor has battery, so do bell boxes, sounders, contacts and fobs maybe. Mostly these are good for a few years but to be safe its best to have the batteries replaced yearly on service.

So does that mean if you accept the battery replacements that wired is dead? Not at all, in fact if you have a new build and we can wire the property before plaster, then we would always recommend a wired system. What about older properties? These can have wired systems too, its just harder to wire and especially if you have a house and not a bungalow. 2 floors means its a lot more difficult to get cables to the correct places without removing carpet, flooring and sometimes tiles, causing a massive installation problem. Bungalows don't have this problem as most of the cables can be run in the loft and be wired to the rooms required, but still can be troublesome.

The other option is to go hybrid! A mix of wired and wireless, so best of both worlds... Wire to where you can and when you cannot wireless. At Securelincs this is the way more and more installs are going, we are looking at roughly 60-70% being hybrid!

So the answer is, it really depends on your property and what you require the system to do.

Either way both work perfectly fine.

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