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Wireless Alarm Panel & Keypad with selectable amount of sensors.


This alarm system is designed so the panel can be placed out the way or where there is an electrical outlet, and the key pad be placed at a convienient place like hallways or near doors. This is to reduce the size of an all in one unit.


Wireless 40 Zone End Station + Wireless Keypad


Choose up to 10 sensors!


Please note: please choose at least 3 sensors.



  • Grade 2
  • Wireless Panel End Station
  • Up to 40 Zones
  • Up to 10 On Board Zones

  • Up to 5 Panel Outputs

  • Dedicated SAB Outputs

  • Network External Sounder Support

  • NFC Prox Tag Support

  • Voice Annunciation

  • Integrated Wireless Expander

  • Wifi Connection for setting/Unsetting from Phone

  • iOS & Android Apps

Wireless Alarm System with Panel & Wireless Keypad

PriceFrom £499.99
  • Our stand alone wireless alarm systems are designed to be easily installed & used. 

    Typical installment usually takes about 2-4 hours and then your up and running and ready to go. We send you everything you need for the installation and setup is completed pryor to being shipped to you for DIY installation. 

    All our systems come wifi ready, and all you have to do is link your alarm to your home wifi router.

    If you prefer, have our proffessional installation team come and install at your property. We install and show you exactly how to use the system and can answer any quiries you have face to face (socially distanced of course!)

    Typical installations for our systems are houses, bungalows, shops, caravans, and offices.

  • 14 Day money back garauntee.

    If you decide to return your purchase within 14 days, a full refund will be issued as long as installation has not occured.

    Once installation has occured, any returns will be assesed and a refund made in respect to the state of the equipment and a percentage returned.